let's talk about mental health.

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this summer i felt a bit … meh …
everything happening in 2020 has made our lives difficult enough, right? still, i’ve been wondering if there's been another reason for my low moods and lowkey anxiety. and like magic, when i did one little change in my life it was like poof - and the anxiety was more or less gone!

i talk about:
- feeling low and sad
- waking up on the wrong side – today has been cancelled !
- reading and writing
- consumer vs. producer ?
- why i 'need' to write
- the cure for my anxiety ?
- short stories / fan fiction / novels / poetry / essays / song lyrics / film scripts / the list goes on !
- always creating, always ideas, always productive
- storytelling
- writing for fun
- sculpturing the perfect instagram caption ?
- nothing beats fiction !
- why a slight exhaustion is good for me
- an over-energised, under-stimulated, and jittery mind
- working and activating the brain

podcasts on writing / author interviews:
in writing: https://apple.co/3l10Mvd
how to fail: https://apple.co/3hf1TVZ
ctrl alt delete: https://apple.co/3hbIoxr
the penguin podcast: https://apple.co/3aDvvdb

books on writing:
john yorke - into the woods: https://bit.ly/31qeLDf
lisa cron - story genius: https://bit.ly/31mLtFq
larry brooks - story engineering (haven't read it yet but supposed to be good): https://bit.ly/3hqt28r
michael hauge - writing screenplays that sell: https://bit.ly/2FTNYXJ
helen corner-bryant, kathryn price - on editing: https://bit.ly/3holZx2
jodie archer, matthew l. jockers - the bestseller code: https://bit.ly/3gl4Bb7
scarlett thomas - monkeys with typewriters: https://bit.ly/3lanQIa
francine prose - reading like a writer: https://bit.ly/2QnbIFs
stephen king - on writing: https://bit.ly/2Qi2SZP
ernest hemingway - a moveable feast: https://bit.ly/2QnbTR8

HERE you can find the first ever fiction (short story) i show you guys:

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